Green Infrastructure

This 300 square foot rain garden will capture approximately 11,000 gallons of water per one inch of rainfall. With New Jersey’s average rainfall of 40 inches per year this rain garden will capture approximately 2.2 million gallons over 5 years​.

Our Green Infrastructure design services are state of the art ecological solutions for stormwater management – they include rain gardens, as well as permeable walkways and patios.

Since we began installing rain gardens in 2014, we have slowed down stormwater runoff and captured millions of gallons of water recharging our depleted aquifers. Our rain garden designs feature lush, colorful native perennial flowers and grasses that grow deep into autumn, enriching our clients’ local environment. Our rain gardens also attract an array of native birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. We affectionately call these areas Pollination Stations.

Rain Gardens by McCoy Horticultural are appropriately designed to blend, balance, and complement the local community’s visual expectations for a maintained landscape. Once the rain garden plants are established, they become a low maintenance garden watered only by natural rainfall. Aesthetically outstanding, sustainably valuable, a rain garden is a landscape staple that will be custom built to meet your vision and exceed your environmental expectation.




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