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Organic Land Care

We have a developed, refined, practiced, and proven approach to superior systems of organic land care. Your family will benefit immediately from the reduction of exposure to harmful chemical applications that so many landscape companies use, and from our industry leading three year guarantee on plants. Your landscape will thrive and be full of healthier plants that present brighter more vibrant colors and live longer. In addition to the long term health and cost-saving benefits, there are additional benefits such as less frequent mulching and watering, and overall healthier turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The practice of organic land care in its fundamental nature is based on science and observing overall best cultural practices. We take a holistic, common sense approach and implement each project correctly. Our expert team members understand that observing proactive maintenance practices will save you a lot of money over the years. We pay attention to the health of the soil and the type of soil we are planting in, and then we are sure to plant them in the right place for their cultural needs. This will help the plant material thrive, thus reducing the need for pesticide/fungicide applications that plants often need when they are stressed and not planted in the correct place. This saves you money by eliminating need for the removal of unhealthy plant material due to it being planted improperly and in the wrong location.

Our approach to plant maintenance is a simple one – properly plant the appropriate plant in the correct location, mulch properly, and your healthy landscape will flourish without the use of harmful chemicals.

We, also, pay particular attention to the soil that we plant in and that soil’s health and “diet”, as most soil we find is void of the vital microorganisms that make nutrients available to the plants, which is imperative to a healthy landscape.

A Natural Approach

By “feeding the soil” organic/natural materials, we enhance the natural activity of the soil’s microorganisms that will make the naturally occurring soil nutrients available to the plant. “Feeding the soil” strengthens the plant’s root systems and defenses as opposed to synthetic fertilizers which will weaken a plant’s defenses leaving them susceptible to opportunistic insects and disease.

We make every effort to maintain our clients’ properties without the use of any synthetic chemicals of any kind. We recognize the harm these substances cause to the environment and human health so we use EPA exempt and OMRI certified products as much as possible and follow the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care.




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