Our Story

McCoy Horticultural is a leader in the green industry. Our practices are ecologically friendly and add value to your property.
“Committed to Superior Quality and Environmentally Responsible Practices”

Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services Inc. was established in 1995 with the vision of providing high-quality artistry and customer value through a clear and present resolve for proper plant placement and a plant’s cultural needs. With this modest idea, we’ve evolved into a green industry leader in the rapidly emerging segment of ecological horticulture/organic land care.

In 2005, we began our full transition toward organic and ecologically mindful systems as awareness grew around the dangers of using synthetic chemicals for landscape maintenance. This shift in approach has since opened up an entirely new realm of landscape alternatives for us, and has helped increase property value for our clients.

As we grew closer to nature and her ecosystems over the years, we became more aware of the irreversible damage invasive plant species cause to the ecosystems of our planet, as well as the significant role that native plant species play in the ecology of our landscapes and how interconnected humans are to native plants and keystone insects. (As our indigenous plant populations dwindle, so do our keystone insects). It is this scenario that resulted in our preference for native species in our designs. Simply stated, remove too many of the keystone building blocks of ecology, and the end result will not be a favorable one.

We realized the impact that the aforementioned inappropriate landscaping practices pose to people, pets and our ecosystem. It became evident that a paradigm shift was needed. We decided to toss away the industry blinders of conventional landscape design and mundane maintenance practices and define our mission: “Committed to Superior Quality and Environmentally Responsible Practices.”

Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services Inc. continually seeks to discover and utilize native plant species that will ecologically outperform the common overused invasive plant species without compromising the client’s aesthetic priorities. Our expertise in plant health also guarantees a decrease or elimination in plant losses. We utilize organic alternatives to synthetic chemical treatments without compromising our high standards of integrity and quality.

Since our 2005 transition to organic and ecological systems, Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services Inc. has emerged as a premier leader in ecological horticultural practices in New Jersey. With a steadfast commitment to organically managed turf systems, plant health care and organic flea, tick and mosquito applications, you can be assured that you will have a beautiful, functional, ecologically impactful, and self-sustaining landscape. We offer a rare, potent combination of sustainable landscape services that few, if any landscape companies, dare or care to offer. In an industry that is very slow to embrace change, we are the game changers. We are different. We are the true and distinctive leaders in the way landscapes will be cared for in the future servicing your families, pets and the environment responsibly.

Thank you in advance for putting your trust in Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services Inc..

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and ecologically improve your property.

Meet Our Team

Richard McCoy, Principal

Richard is a 30-year green industry professional. He is the visionary behind Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services Inc.. which he established in 1995. His expertise, attention to detail, and ability to develop an instant rapport with clients is just the beginning of what sets this company apart from others. Recognized by many as an organic and ecological land care thought leader, Richard and the Team at McCoy Horticultural have been offering environmentally and sustainably responsible, fine-gardening design, installations, maintenance, and organic lawn care since 2005. With a strong commitment to client satisfaction and the environment, Richard’s motto is “make the homeowner’s wishes a priority, do the job right the first time to ensure customer satisfaction while staying true to our ecological core values that are the basis of our work.”

His work at Stony Wood Garden, a 3.5-acre private woodland garden in Princeton, NJ, has been recognized by Smithsonian Institute’s Archives of American Gardens. Richard is an advisor and practitioner council member for Organic Landscape Association- Advisor, a nationally recognized organization. Richard is a member of Rutgers University’s Organic Land Care Working Group and is a co-contributor to the Rutgers Organic Land Care Best Management Practices Manual . He holds a Certificate of Organic Land Care through the Rutgers Organic Land Care Program, is a certified Natural Turf and Landscape Manager, an Organic Lawn Care Accredited Professional and has acted on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Organic Land Care Association (NJOLA). He has contributed to Organic Gardens Today Magazine and hopes to raise public awareness through his work and collaborations.




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